Mission statement

The Musikkollegium Winterthur was founded in 1629 and thus boasts one of the longest-standing traditions among Europe’s musical institutions.

English translation:

1. Our inner conviction is at the heart of everything we do.

We act out of pleasure and joy, recognize a meaning or value in something and take responsibility. We make conscious decisions – with a view to our cultural heritage, the music and the team. We question our role with the audience, in society, in Winterthur and in the world.

2. We strive for quality in everything we do, on and off the stage.

We use all our skills, possibilities and resources to achieve this. For us, quality does not just mean perfection, but also the ability to adopt different perspectives. This enables us to live up to our quality standards in music and towards our artists, our audience, our partners and in our collaboration within the institution.

3. We are courageous.

We are open to different perspectives, lively and self-critical. Our courage allows new things to emerge. We promote contemporary music and leave room to explore. We see our tradition as an obligation and not as a sofa.

4. We are diverse.

It is our diversity in terms of talents, experiences, inclinations, backgrounds and biographies that makes us what we are as a whole: We strive for equal access and opportunities for all musicians and employees. We support and promote young talents.

5. We are committed to inclusion and participation.

We create access and experiences for different audiences. We offer opportunities to discover and participate in classical music. Participation is of great value to us and is more than just an educational mission: it is our foundation and our future.

6. We are locally rooted and internationally networked.

We are connected to the city of Winterthur through a history rich in tradition – an obligatory heritage. We have been shaping Winterthur's musical life since 1629. We are proud of our origins. Our collaboration with international artists carries Winterthur's reputation as a city of culture out into the world.

7. We are a team.

Success is created together. We achieve an inspiring and productive working atmosphere through short decision-making processes, transparency and clear competencies and responsibilities. We see mistakes as an opportunity to develop further. Our cooperation is characterized by mutual respect. No familiarity without trust. We say what we mean. And we do what we say. That's why our communication is direct, clear and genuine.

Our history – 400 years in 3 minutes